The Klutch touch

The Klutch touch is a favourite for patients looking to improve/enhance their natural beauty professionally but do not know where or how to start. Faces and bodies are different, and as a certified qualified Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Klutch has a trained eye and passion for what makes things beautiful. She sits with you through a consultation using reconstructed 3D scans of your face, showing you what to enhance and how to go about doing it.


This includes a facial skin analysis, calculating your facial proportions and ratios and deciding with you the optimal treatments to undergo from filler, botox, peels, implants and or surgery.

  • The Klutch lift
  • The Klutch Klutch
  • Lips by Klutch

When should I see a plastic surgeon?

For physical conditions that may necessitate a visit to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, you will most likely be referred to Dr Klutch by your doctor. However, for cosmetic procedures, you can consult Dr Klutch whenever you are ready for plastic surgery.