What are lipolytic injections?

Fat-dissolving injections are helpful for locations where stubborn pockets of fat are resistant to dieting and other weight loss treatments. The solution, which contains vitamin C and iron, works by acting on fat cells and inducing natural fat cell disintegration through the body's metabolism. It is most commonly used to remove fat around the hips, abdomen, upper thighs, love handles, and saddlebags, reducing those undesirable bulges. Fat-dissolving injections can help you attain a smaller, more contoured body shape with results that last two to four years. If you eat well and exercise regularly, your results will last much longer.

Dr Klutch uses these fat dissolving injections to permanently melt away small areas of stubborn fat like:

  • Double chin
  • Bra fat
  • Tummy
  • Knees

What does the procedure involve?

The area to be injected is marked, prepped and numbed, then Dr Klutch administers a series of injections using a tiny needle.

Effects are noted after 2-3 weeks, and results are permanent. These are only meant for small stubborn areas. Larger areas of fat will need surgical liposuction.


How long does recovery take?

This is a lunch-time procedure with minimal downtime. Minimal discomfort and bruising can occur. Both injectable therapies have few side effects. Swelling, bruising, itching, soreness, sensitivity to pressure, and excessive warmth at the injection site are common side effects, but they usually go away in three to five days. The injections may sting for a few seconds, as they do with all needle treatments, but the pain is usually mild. To reduce discomfort, we always provide the option of applying a topical numbing drug to the treatment region. The most important thing to remember about both injectable treatments is that they involve some downtime.


1Is the procedure safe?
Fat-dissolving injections are a safe and effective treatment for fat cell reduction in the treated area. It gives you long-lasting benefits so that you can get rid of those irritating wobbling areas.
2Does the procedure hurt?
The injections may sting for a few seconds, as they do with all needle treatments, but the pain is usually mild.
3Do fat dissolving injections also tighten the skin?
Unlike liposuction, the treatment tightens the skin in the area, making it less likely that you'll end up with loose skin that looks more contoured and toned. Aqulayx breaks down subcutaneous fat over a month and, in most cases, begins working immediately after injection.

When should I see a plastic surgeon?

For physical conditions that may necessitate a visit to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, you will most likely be referred to Dr Klutch by your doctor. However, for cosmetic procedures, you can consult Dr Klutch whenever you are ready for plastic surgery.